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Latest Project

These are our latest project where we have successfully helped big companies, SMBs and start-ups use consumer research and insights to find a competitive edge in the market and catch on to the next wave of growth.

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Break into new markets by understanding what local consumers want and why.

Expand your product portfolio by identifying global trends to suit your market.

Understand your consumer's behaviours, needs and culture to create better strategies.

Turn research insights and findings into actions via concepts, visualization and prototypes.

India Consumer research actionable insight

New product concepts for a pharmaceutical moisturiser informed by in-depth consumer research. The company was trying to reposition itself as an everyday moisturiser instead of a prescribed special cream, which our research and informed design helped them achieve this.

Electric rickshaw consumer research

What should a three-wheeled electric rickshaw look like? What features should it have? And what kind of apprehensions be addressed in the design by the brand?

In our research with rickshaw drivers - the primary stakeholder in the project, we were able to help the industrial designers to deliver a rickshaw design that met the stakeholder needs and gave the brand a competitive edge.

Using design thinking tools combined with research mythologies to develop use cases, scenarios and design specification for toy designers.