How are Indian youth looking for jobs online?

Harshada has worked with Quest Alliance as a design researcher for many years. In, one particular project with LinkedIn she and her team helped us understand how young people across India are engaging with digital platforms like LinkedIn to craft their career journeys. Their meticulous work and qualitative documentation has helped us to create a roadmap for digital platform adoption within the youth skills initiative. The stories from the field captured by Harshada and her team have been widely appreciated by our team and our partners.

- Abhijeet Mehra, COO, Quest Alliance



Currently, 50 million LinkedIn users live in India, making India its second-largest user base. Over and above, LinkedIn has 1 million company pages from India and over 500 thousand weekly active job posts.


LinkedIn has also launched India specific products - LinkedIn Lite, resume builder and LinkedIn Placements. The growing use of platforms such as LinkedIn may have started to bridge the gap between employer demands and employee skill supply however there is still a long way to go.


In a country like India where opportunity has been unevenly distributed for generations, digital platforms such as LinkedIn are generating hope, providing youth with border choices, more mobility and flexibility. These platforms are also challenging the traditional ways of hiring and altering the ways in which youth are searching for and demanding work. If this is true, what are the ground realities and effects and how can a platform like LinkedIn cater to the new generation of users?


  • Ethnographic studies: We accompanied youth to their workplace, observed them in their workplace and with family in their homes. We observed some in their classrooms. Spending so much time with the participants really gave us insight into their lives, their aspirations, societal and family expectations and how that reflected in their behaviour on platforms like LinkedIn.

  • Ethnographic video: The ethnographic study was recorded through videography which allowed us to go back and to live the moment again as we did the analysis.


  • Short Impact Story videos: The ethnographic videography was edited to make impact stories that were used to communicate in detail the realities of how the platforms are being used the kind of impact they are causing on found.

  • Report: An in-depth report was designed and written by the team that included case studies from the ground and had suggestions on how a platform liked LinkedIn can progress forward, and keep making an impact on the ground (online & offline) through its partners like Quest Alliance.

  • You can view the full report here.