How can we make children emotionally resilient?


A mindfulness facilitator and coach who has been working with children for many years was looking to expand her business, her reach and impact the lives of many more children and adults.

A research project that started off with the goal of re-designing a service landed us and the clients in a very interesting space full of commercial opportunities.


  • In-depth interviews with parents to understand their concerns, attitudes and actions when it comes to their children’s mental wellbeing.

  • In-depth interviews with child counsellors and mindfulness facilitators.

  • Shadowing and workshops with children and teenagers to understand their day to life challenges where mindfulness can make an impact.


  • We identified a number of communication routes that can be used to deliver mindfulness to teenagers. So we tested out concepts such as apps and wearable devices with children and teenagers.

  • One IoT based concept is now under development and prototyping with our associated industrial designer.